2019 Israel Trip – Day 3


This is one of the three cities that Jesus pronounced “woe” on because they didn’t believe in spite of the miracles done in them.

These are the ruins of a “ritual bath” (mikvah) used for purification.

P1030911 P1030912 P1030913 P1030914

These are the ruins of a synagogue in ChorazimP1030915 P1030916

Below is a replica of the “Seat of Moses” found in the ruins of this synagogue.  Jesus warned His disciples in Matthew 23:1-3, “Then Jesus spoke to the multitudes and to His disciples, saying: “The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. Therefore whatever they tell you [a]to observe, that observe and do, but do not do according to their works…”P1030918 P1030920P1030916P1030922

Ruins of a “house” in ChorazimP1030925

Inside a grain mill in ChorazimP1030927

Tel Dan

Tel Dan is a beautiful natural area in Northern Galilee.  When entering the tel, you first walk through some lovely wooded paths that follow (and cross) the Dan Spring, one of the three primary sources of the Jordan river.P1030930 P1030931 P1030932 P1030933

After Solomon, the kingdom was divided into the northern kingdom of Israel and the southern kingdom of Judah.  Jeroboam, king of Israel, set up two centers of idol worship so that his people would not go down to the temple in Jerusalem.  One of those centers was at Tel Dan.  Below is an aluminum outline of how the pagan altar would have looked.   Beneath are the remains of the original.P1030935

A cistern adjacent to the altarP1030939

One of the most fascinating discoveries at Tel Dan is a city gate that dates from the time of Abraham.  It is covered because (unlike most ancient structures in Israel) it is made of baked brick rather than stone.  The covering is to protect it from erosion by rain.P1030942

From Tel Dan you can see the Golan Heights, the border (often contested) between Israel and Syria.  As you drive around this part of northern Galilee you find many areas fenced off with barbed wire and signs warning you of land mines left over form these conflicts.P1030947

Another city gate of Dan, this one from the Israelite period.P1030949 P1030951

This pagan alter stands outside the city gate, waiting for departing travelers to offer sacrifices for safe travel or arriving travelers to offer sacrifices of thanksgiving for safe travel and success within the city.P1030953

Caesarea Philippi

This is one of the cities visited by Jesus in northern Galilee.  A major site of pagan worship, it is the location where Jesus asked His disciples who men said that he was.  It is also where Peter declared, “You are the Christ, the Son of the Most High.”

Jesus responded to Peter’s declaration by commending him and stating that the “Gates of Hell” would not be able to stand against it.  This location had a temple to Pan adjacent to a cave in which was a fissure that appeared to be bottomless and thought by the ancients to be one of the passages to the underworld, or literally, “the gates of hell.” Josephus refers to this in Antiquities of the Jews 15,10,3.  Here is that cave.  Seismic activity has since caused the fissure to be sealed.P1030956 P1030960 P1030962

The cliff wall that contains the cliff also has many grottos carved into it.P1030963 P1030965 P1030967 P1030968

Ginosar – Ancient Galilee Boat Museum

In 1986, a boat dating from the first century (contemporary with Jesus) was discovered in the Sea of Galilee during a period of severe drought.  It is likely the same type of boat referred to in the Gospels used by both Jesus and his fisherman disciples.P1030969 P1030971 P1030972 P1030975

Sea of Galilee Cruise

To finish up our day, we took a boat tour on the Sea Galilee.  It was an amazing experience to be on this same body of water that is so often referred to in the Gospels.P1030979 P1030980  P1030983 P1030984

I couldn’t resist taking several “sunset” pictures of the sun setting over Mt. Arbel and the mountains behind the modern city of TiberiasP1030981P1030994 P1040003 P1040004 P1040005 P1040006 P1040017 P1040022

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