2019 Israel Trip – Day One

Airport to Jaffa

Day One started with a trip from Ben Gurion Airport to Jaffa


Tel Aviv skyline in the background






Typical buildings and architechtureP1030743 P1030746 P1030748 P1030749

St. Peter’s ChurchP1030751P1030759

Mediterranean Sea and Tel Aviv skylineP1030753

Old City of Jaffa P1030761 P1030763


Traditional location of the house of Simon the Tanner (where Peter stayed and received a vision)


Caesarea Maritime

The Theatre at Caesarea

P1030773 P1030774 P1030775 P1030776

View towards Herod’s PalaceP1030777

Excavated ColumnsP1030778

Restoration work continues at the site (only about 15% of Caesarea has been excavated)P1030779 P1030783

Part of the “small” hippodrome (chariot and horse races held here)P1030785

Another view of the TheatreP1030786

ColumnsP1030787 P1030789 P1030791

Replica of an inscription found at Caesarea.  The only external evidence (non-biblical) for Pontius PilateP1030792 P1030793

Part of “Crusader” CaesareaP1030794

View of the Med from Herod’s palace site

P1030795 P1030796

Long shot of the “small” hippodromeP1030797

More ruins from the crusader periodP1030803 P1030804 P1030805


Mt. Carmel – Carmelite Monastery


Statue commemorating Elijah’s destruction of the Prophets of Baal on Mt. CarmelP1030810

Views from the roof of the Carmelite MonasteryP1030807 P1030808

Bible Study in the gardens adjacent to the MonasteryP1030812


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